April 11, 2009

About the Work of Vocal 360

The production of your voice involves nearly the entire body – psychological and physical. This makes your voice an extremely reliable indicator of physiological stress. The Vo-Cal software records a short voice clip and plots it into a visual graph called a voice map. The voice map indicates areas and degrees of imbalance.


The outcome of a Dynamic Voice Map session is the ability to release locked thoughts or thought patterns that may cause discomforts in your life. If you are holding a belief about yourself or others that is contrary to a change you desire, that change will not occur.

The Benefits:

You will notice that you will not react to situations the way you have in the past. Emotional challenges will be much easier to deal with and you will move through issues more quickly.  No longer must you endure “old emotional baggage” that interferes with the quality of our life.  Instead of being controlled by old patterns, you can now live free and clear in this moment—making solution oriented choices for yourself. Now you can truly experience being in present time and living in the moment, unburdened and feeling creative possibility and joy.


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