Peace of Mind~Compassion~Faith~Patience
&  Self Acceptance


I have found that clearing sessions with Vo-Cal makes me more pensive and less reactive toward people. The sessions give me space and freedom to choose my words thoughtfully and with care and sincerity. I also feel a greater sense of respect and empathy for family members as I have more insight into their life struggles and can now recognize strengths instead of only weaknesses. I believe this work to be an important part of achieving holistic health.”

Aymi Bennhoff, FNP,
Web of Life Wellness Center


“Saara is a person who affects people’s lives with every connection she makes, without trying. She is deeply committed to making a difference in her family, community and the world community at large. I have known her all my life an she is truly my greatest mentor. I highly recommend her work to every person on earth, who wants to be at peace in their lives.”

Heath Burr,
CEO, Grasp Media


The experience of being “cleared” with the technology Saara uses and with her personal help felt like a great relief to me. It felt much better “sobbing in the chair” and getting out my painful family history than being unaware of it and carrying it around with me unconsciously- Now that is painful.

Saara has worked on herself a lot using this method and is very honest about that, so yo don’t have to feel inhibited or ashamed about your “stuff”. She’s a lovely person and extremely loving which, I think, is an important component in this type of therapy. She also uses other techniques such as aromatherapy to support you, which helps you feel safe looking at uncomfortable feelings and situations.

Saara is a keen observer and a great facilitatior.  

As a result  I felt that I progressed quickly and developed a lot of compassion towards my parents, grandparents, and other significant people in my life. I developed a lot of self-insight and understanding. This was very healing and liberating. My daughter went through this therapy with Saara and also  experienced extremely beneficial results. She is trying to have her husband do Vo Cal now.

For me what helped a lot and I would encourge others to do was writing down my insights right after each session when I got home. That way when old ways of being in relationship resurfaced I can look at my notes and read what reality is versus my ego-based, poor me story.

Sharon Phillips

Salt Lake City


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